A twenty year old classical pianist studying Marine Biology at Aberdeen University.

I just want to see the sights.

Jen, Scotland.

17. August 2012

At some point in our lives, we are sat down by a teacher who places a pencil into our hand and asks us to draw what we would like to be “when we grow up.” A great idea, dreaming about the future leaves time to deal with the possibilities later, because in primary school the focus is on the fifteen minute break and golden time on Fridays.

Well, that time has arrived, and I don’t know if I’m speaking for myself here, but somehow I pictured being more of an adult at this age than I actually am. The time has come to make a decision. We have had our years of play and drama and teenage adolescence. The future we chose for ourselves in primary school has no doubt changed dozens of times as we slowly reshaped ourselves, feeling about the blurry picture trying to see what fits, where we fit. The beginning of high school defines us, regardless of whether you loved school or hated it, we’ve grown up here. We’ve grown up over six years with the people sitting around us; and for better or worse, each individual has helped us to find out who we are, and what our lives have planned for us.

Life is what we make it. This school has given us the chance to be who ever we want to be. This school identified our potential and taught us to exploit it. We’ve been given an opportunity, we’ve been given guidance and support and help, but now the time has come to move on to the next chapter. Let’s not waste a minute; lets live.

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8. June 2012

my prom was great. my speech was okay too!
wasn’t really feeling an after party, stayed at lawrences. perfect night. I love waking up next to him.

woke up and the guys came round. started our first proper session of dungeons and dragons. took agessss to create the characters, but really enjoyed playing. can’t wait till we get into it after a few more games. :)

second last week of the rsamd tomorrow, then work.
going to sleep well tonight! ciao x

28. November 2011

i have a killer headache, hot and cold, feeling like i’m going to cough up a lung and generally crap.

dying for a cigarette. might be off tomorrow, which means not out with everyone on tuesday night :(

for the record, I fucking hate the nitrogen cycle. but liking streaming old radio shows.

cheer me up old tumblrrrrr.